A brutal slice of Gothic Americana.”

-Ben Phillips, Chief Editor PSEUDOPOD – The Horror Podcast Magazine

Small Town Ghosts

In this collection of short stories, a young woman discovers the truth behind family secrets, another guards her secrets well, a leopard becomes a lion with a sadist’s whip and a stripper’s pole, and a little girl must choose in a sinister trade: life for death.

Small Town Demons

In this collection of short stories, we meet a teenage girl on the brink of madness, a little old lady who invites two weary travelers in for some lemonade and old-fashioned religion, a young woman who risks everything for love and juju, a dying grandmother with some last minute confessions, and a lonely child whose only request to Santa is a pretty baby dolly all her own.

The Thing About Small Towns…

Dark things happen in small spaces. In towns where everybody knows everybody, and everybody knows everybody’s secrets.