“I started reading this based on seeing someone had written a horrible review for it. Wanting to read it for myself, I started investigating with the sample and couldn’t help but finish it in one sitting!
I love LOVE how varied the stories are and how they include that little bit of insight from the author at the end.
Obviously, anyone who doesn’t care for these stories (or finds them “too” disturbing) has lived a very cushy, boring life.”

Short stories that pack a punch!

“Ms. Celebi did her job well as an author by taking this reader on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Short stories are tricky little beasts to write, you only have a minimal amount of time to get your reader invested and the author nails it with this book. I went from being mortified as well as sickened by the injustice of Papa was a Gypsy (the best story in the book in my opinion); to enraged at the protagonist’s lack of confidence in Driving Off Bridges; then lulled into submission by After Spring Comes; confused and dazed over The Lion Lies Down With the Lamb (I did not know if the protagonist was crazy or if her reality was shifting); and finally completely creeped out by 1:32 P.M. All these stories are superb and I can honestly say it has been a long time since one book, let alone one that is only 70 pages long, has taken me on such a strong tidal wave of emotion. I really would not consider this a horror book or even a book about ghosts, but more of a book on human nature. It’s a good read!”

“This collection combines two of my favorites, short stories and scary. And I don’t scare easily. Most of us have become very jaded over the years when it comes to that. But these short stories do have that ability to reach out and grab you and rivet you to the story until the end. The characters are believable and real and there is just enough of the “disturbing” so that you can’t stop reading until you finish each one. I do love me some disturbing, too. They take you away in a very short amount of time and then deliver you back just a bit shaken and stirred. My only complaint is that there weren’t more of them! Great reading for when you’re just not up to taking on a massive novel but want the escape from reality quickly.”

“I came across this author on Facebook and I’m glad I did! While this is not my usual genre of reading, I will definitely be looking forward to more of Ms. Celbi’s stories! I sat down with kindle and coffee and before I knew it, I had read the entire book! I was just that hooked. While I did not find this scary in the horror sense, what I did find is that it made me think, because you see, sometimes it’s not things that go bump in the night that terrify us, it’s what is in our past that comes back to haunt us. You will not go wrong in picking this book up today … and trust me .. I am very picky about what I read … I am off to get more of Ms. Celebi and curl up in my favorite chair and read the night away!”

“I am already familiar with Shannon Celebi’s writing. Some time ago, I listened to the podcast of Papa Was a Gypsy and was fascinated by how gripping it was. Reading it in Small Town Ghosts was even more riveting. I read Driving Off Bridges on an airplane and found it compelling. From there I just read them all. Each story has its own unique quality of suspense that grabs you and makes you think. Shannon’s writing is special in that, while the subject matter is full of tension and anxiety, she still has a way of making us care deeply about the characters. I highly recommend Small Town Ghosts and all of Shannon Celebi’s work.”

“Pretty darned spooky… Creepy… Good stories!
I like the way this author writes. I’ll be on the lookout for more of her work :-)”

Mrs .Astry
“I LOVED this book! Every story was unique and different. The author is a true tale weaver, and I found myself invested in each and every story just waiting to find out what was going to happen next! I read the entire book in one sitting. I could not put it down! Kudos!!!”

“Okay, let me preface this review with this: #1 – This is my first Amazon review. #2 – This is my first positive review. I hate writing reviews. I never write them unless something is so awful I feel I must warn people about particular goods or service – as if it’s my duty or something.’

So, with that stated, here is my review of Shannon Celebi’s anthology Small Town Demons. I believe this to be Ms. Celebi’s sophomore anthology. I apologize if I am mistaken. I read Small Town Ghosts as well (her debut anthology – I think) and while I enjoyed it and it prompted me to purchase the follow-up I was not so moved by it that I felt I should provide a review. Small Town Demons, however, grabbed from the first story and I was so immersed in her worlds that I read it e-cover to e-cover in one sitting. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Stephen King and I kept finding myself thinking I’m reading something King could have written! But! What made it all the better was the reality of the situation: I was reading something a WOMAN wrote – a woman who has the skill to craft a wonderful, haunting and engaging story while keeping it real and universal as Stephen Kings does. So special and more rare than one might think.

I enjoyed every story and I love the way Bitter Sweet Ironies harkened back to feelings I had when I first read Papa Was A Gypsy and I saw the connections between Opening Wounds and After Spring Comes. I love when writers keep in mind that their readers remember and enjoy characters and they bring them back or at least show us those themes again.

Once I got to The Girl Who Has Everything…I realized that Ms. Celebi had done it – she found the sweet spot that many writers never do – she found her voice and expertly shared that with her readers. I understood and felt what Angie felt. It hit a nerve and I could FULLY relate to her situation though I am not a mother and I’m not married. It’s just a good ol’ universal theme that is very relatable no matter what your life story is. From that story on I was so thrilled and mesmerized and it awe all at the same time! I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful For My Granddaughter, Elaine, Upon My Death is – you will just have to read that for yourself to understand. Jack Fell Down and Broke His Crown…well…again…read it. I felt a bit awful about cheering on Jill it but then again…I really didn’t. It was delicious in its simplistic truth and I loved it. Eleven Winters In Purgatory – too many emotions to properly put into words but let’s just say this – my father died on Christmas day – and leave it at that.

Ms. Celebi, thank you! I look forward to your next book – can’t hardly wait!”

“As always, Shannon Celebi has done it again. I just finished “Small Town Demons”. I don’t read a lot of short stories, but I can’t stay away from Shannon’s. They always have a message. “Eleven Winters in Purgatory” was my favorite as it reminds me of what my mother experienced when she was a child. Such a sad story, but so sweet at the same time.
“Solicitors Welcome”, for some reason reminded me of a movie I saw with Cary Grant about two elderly women who fed then poisoned homeless men. “The Girl Who Has Everything” makes you think about what you have and how, when it’s gone, it’s too late. You can’t get it back. I think at some time we all have experienced not appreciating our lives.

I wish that I had Shannon’s talent. I really don’t know how she does it. This book goes in my bookcase of special books right along with “Small Town Ghosts”. I’m looking forward to the next book.”

“Once again I have been taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions through seven well crafted short stories. Not everyone can master the short story; Ms. Celebi certainly has. From the haunting familiarity of Bitter Sweet Ironies all the way to Eleven Winters in Purgatory – which will emotionally gut you and break your heart – this book is a gem. And who could not identify with poor Jill? My one and only complaint is when my Kindle died, on the very last page of For My Granddaughter, and I had to sit in a wrecked huddle of anxiety, waiting for my Kindle to charge enough to read those last few lines that so powerfully changed the life of a character we were never formally introduced to, but felt a connection with. Sigh – what could I possibly read next that could even compare?”

“I am an avid reader and love all things otherworldly. I’m also very picky about what I read. I absolutely love Shannon Celebi’s stories in this book. I want…no, I need MORE!!! I am now officially a huge fan and will eagerly and happily read anything I see by her. Every single story I would love to read more of. I normally don’t go for short stories but she seamlessly flows them so there’s no disconnection as I read on. What a pleasure this was. I can’t wait to move on to other books from her. I highly recommend this book and hope others enjoyed it as much as I did. I’m a struggling(aren’t we all in some way?)single mom to a great special needs boy. Reading is my me time, relaxation, escape and vacation all in one and this book did not disappoint. Going now to search for more from her.Happy reading folks.”

“As with Small Town Ghosts, (if you haven’t read this yet, buy it right away) Shannon has once again managed to capture innocent small town stories and thrown in that one twist to make us stop and go “this could happen”! For My Granddaughter alone was a heart wrencher. Meeting Keera brought back what ifs as well. If you find yourself needing a wonderfully quick and scary getaway, this book is for you. Thank you, Shannon, and looking forward to your next!”